From our family to yours, we started village to create a social network that puts people first.

A letter from adam & Dana

Our founders

"We believe the world deserves a social network that doesn't gobble up time, but instead truly allows us to connect more deeply with the people who matter most

The internet is young. Together, we get to choose how it will evolve.

When the biggest social networks began, they were what it was always supposed to be. Just friends, no ads, no addicting, unhealthy dynamics. But in the name of profits, they put people last. Village creates an online space that puts people first.

Our family loves staying close in Village and we warmly share it with you

We're so glad you're here.
And we'd love to hear from you!"

Village is the place where everyone feels safe and able to be themselves


No matter how big Village becomes, we will never share data, allow strangers to message you or feature ads. People-first, always.

Only Your Village

In Village, you only see people you trust. Strangers can't message you and your posts can't go beyond your contacts. Village isn't about talking to the world. It's about connecting with your closest contacts.

No addicting dynamics

Ad-supported platforms hire Ph.Ds to get you hooked. We think a safe place to connect is enough.

No data sharing

Connection isn't a commodity to be sold. We don't sell data to advertisers because the world needs a place to connect online without being listened to.

Always Free

Village will always be free. Along with sweet kid-safety features always working in the background. If you want to support Village and get even more features, it's just a few bucks.

Welcome to your Village.

The people first social network

we are driven by a mission to create a
people-first social network
no likes. no gamification. no strangers. no data sharing.
Just Your Village.
Because the world needs an online space for people of all ages to feel safe and be themselves. Doing good means doing right by the people we serve, no matter what. There is so much more to share in life than the things that get likes.
Humanity is what unites us.
authenticity is what bonds us.
We celebrate all colors, shapes, sizes. Because everyone deserves to feel at home in their Village. Villages are a place to laugh, to cry, to grow, and to love. No likes or followers here.
Just love. welcome to your village.

Humanity is what unites us.
Authenticity is what bonds us.

We'd love to hear from you!