Creating an Account

It's so easy to get your family setup. You can create accounts for your kids while you setup your own. Talk about an easy way to get peace of mind! Free download from the app stores.

Village Social is available in the Apple App StoreVillage Social is available in the Google Play StoreVillage Social Web App works on any device with a browser

Step 1. Create your parent account

Use your Google or Facebook credentials or twosimple screens to join with email.

Be sure to set your correct birthday to be able to add kids to your account!


Step 2. Add kids

One screen for each kid account you want to create. Be sure to share the username and password you create. If your kid already has an account, you can link your accounts through Settings after completing your own registration (learn how).


Step 3. Set controls

Customize the settings to be appropriate for each of your kids. Read more.


Step 4. Link other parent to family

As a parent, you can create accounts for children. Your spouse or other parent will need to create an account separately. It's simple to add them to your family so they can also have access to the parental tools. Read more.


Step 5. Add your mobile #

Help friends find you. After you add your mobile #, they will be able to search for it. Go to > Settings  (your avatar) > Account. Read more

Note your information is kept private, and only visible if someone searches the exact number.

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