Tips for Using Village Social

Village Social has unique features to help you get the most benefit from messaging and sharing.


Village has simple navigation paths once you understand what all the icons do


Chats / Messaging

Choose who can see the post

  • Start your social post by adding media and some text

  • Choose who can see the post

  • People on Village are your connections that receive an alert in Village

  • Other contacts are people you've imported into Village from your device's contact list

When sharing via text or email, the recipient gets a one-time link to prevent forwarding. They can view the post and download the pictures (if enabled) without an account. To comment they need to create an account.

Social Posts

Village Social is different from other apps: social posts are like stories that are only shared with the people you choose. Here's how it works.

  • Add content to your post

  • Add Village contacts and invite other people by text or email

  • Choose the settings for your post

Favorites & Memories

Favorites are media that you've saved from messages and posts. A 1-second hold on the image will add to favorites (except iOS 13 users, a fix is in the works)

Memories are social posts that you've chosen save.


Update your profile

Personalize your Village profile with a custom picture and introduction.

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