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Families today are often spread across many miles. Luckily, we have technology to keep us in touch. Think beyond the occasional video chat or phone call. Imagine posting pictures of the sports win or the academic award in a way that your kids actually get to see and share with grandparents and cousins. They're keenly aware that it gets posted on Facebook, but they aren't able to share in the conversation and kudos from family. By inviting your extended family to Village Social, kids gain connection without having a large digital footprint in the process.

Sharing with family is a great way to establish Village Social as the social app for your kid at a young age, but what about when they're older and friends seem more important than family. They have a strong desire and need to fit in and find their own tribe. That's why social apps are so popular and the peer pressure to be on those apps is intense. The key, is to get them on Village Social together, so that it becomes the place where their tribe is.

We know how challenging it is to set limits for our kids when most of their friends have access to everything we're trying to protect against. Few parents actually want to expose their kids to unreasonable social pressures for perfection and predators looking to groom their next target. Most want to encourage healthy social relationships for their kids. The problem is that many of them don't have the time or resources to seek out better options. Take the opportunity to lend them a helping hand and help your kid at the same time.

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