Our (short) Story

Village was founded by the husband-and wife team of Adam and Dana Ahern as a direct result of their parenting challenges. Their wake up call came in 2017, when they discovered their oldest daughter was being stalked by strangers and pressured for ‘nudes’ on Instagram. Their daughter's guilty feeling of a secret digital life contributed to anxiety and withdrawal. She was 12 at the time and innocent, and was put in harms way because they simply didn't know any better.

Following the wake-up call, Adam and Dana have dealt with other challenges for their four kids, including access to adult content on the internet on school computers, broken phones, digital grounding, and giving first phones. They have worked with mental health professionals, technology experts and other parents for best practices to address each of these milestones and challenges.

In late 2018, Adam and Dana began developing the Village Social app to create the tool that was missing. An app to replace Instagram and Snapchat as the hub of kid's digital social life. The 'must haves' were to protect kids from predators, block sexting, avoid negative mental health triggers, and give parents a way to be involved with their kids digital life (without spying and battles). While providing these essential protections, the app also need to empower kids with freedom to learn to use technology responsibly, including the ability to make 'safe' mistakes.

Village Social provides the perfect app that is appropriate for young kids (as young as 7) and grows with them until they are ready for the mature social apps. Village was designed to feel like an 'adult' app, so it's also enjoyable for parents and extended family members to use. In fact, Adam and Dana were so happy testing the app, they realized the potential for it to be a 'minimalist app' for everyone who is tired of over-sharing, endless content, and fakeness of Facebook.

Village Social may be the only "family business" in the world of silicon valley giants started by frat boys. Adam and Dana are committed to keeping Village Social safe for families. This includes the promise of keeping the platform ad-free and never selling personal data. As they like to say, when you don't need the whole world, you need your village.

We appreciate your support of this critical mission

Adam & Dana

Reinventing Social

A new way of teaching digital citizenship

Village Social revolutionizes how parents teach their kids to use smartphone with intention and purpose. Like many tools, smartphones can be used both responsibly and irresponsibly. Instead of blaming the tool (i.e. the smartphone), we need a balanced approach to promote safe & wellbeing while also empowering and educating our kids.

Before Village there were only bad options

Before Village, the parents had to choose between bad options. On the one hand, they could delay giving their kids smartphones and social media for as long as possible. However, this meant the kids were 1) more isolated from friends and relatives; and 2) they lost learning opportunities while young and open to lessons from parents. On the other hand, parents have attempted monitor and have teaching conversations while kids use apps with mature content such as Instagram and Snapchat. However, there is no way to make these app safe, other than using the app together (i.e. at the same time).

The Village Way

Village has designed a Tech Journey roadmap for parents to safely give kids a safe smartphone at a 'young' age and gradually give more responsibility overtime. This is possible with the parental controls on iPhone and Android devices coupled with the powerful features of Village Social. [ more coming]

How Village Social is revolutionary

Village is a radically different way to socialize. Most importantly, Village Social is focused on giving users the best experience possible. It's the only social app that's both safe for kids and supports the digital wellbeing of all users.

Village Social balances what kids really and parents want. Kids get a fun, social app that respects their privacy because parents don't see their messages. Parents have the necessary tools to keep their kids safe and give them increasing responsibility and independence as they mature.

Village is ad-free and this is important, because it means the app is designed with the users well being in mind. Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube all make the user the product being sold to advertisers. When users are the product the apps are designed to addict the user (more time = more profit) and use their private data to sell more ads.

A private network

  • Message and share with people you know

  • Require exact username, phone number or email to connect. No friend suggestions or easy way to be discovered by strangers

  • No public posts. Each social post is shared with only the people you choose

A minimalist app = supports digital wellbeing

  • No vanity metrics. Free from likes, follows, snapstreaks and other pressures, users can focus on nurture real relationships.

  • No endless and addictive feeds. Users only see content that was shared directly with them.

  • In-app notifications are handled by subtle shading, not the bright red dots users are used to.

Village Social can be used by older teens and adults as a companion app. Facebook and Instagram offer value in being able to consume content and be entertained. Village Social can be used as a companion to message and share with real friends and family.

Safe design + parental controls

  • All users benefit from safe design such as explicit image blocking and the private network design.

  • Parental Insights let parent be involved with their kids digital life by showing with whom and how much their kid messages.

  • Parental Controls offer a kid-proof way of turning on and off features in the app. These includes the ability to send media, visit hyperlinks, gif image ratings (Y - PG-13), and more.

  • Parental Alerts are the option for parents to be notified if an inappropriate image or message is sent. It's a great way to watch out for trouble while allowing your kid privacy since the actual messages aren't shared.

About the App

Village Social app supports messaging and sharing of text, pictures, videos and gifs. It includes built-in insights and controls for parents.

Village's app is easy to use for everyone. Parents can create an account for their kids or link a kid to their account later. All the parental tools are accessible from the parent's phone and changes to settings are effective immediately.

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